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Architectural AR3020

Architectural Systems Architectural AR3020

Architectural AR3020
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Built for strength, protection and beauty, PGT® Architectural Systems serves the needs of the commercial and residential high-rise window market.  PGT Architectural Systems represents an investment in lasting quality, backed by a solid warranty of up to 20 years.  Each PGT Architectural Systems product is custom-built to exact specifications and offers a wide variety of options, allowing you flexibility in your new construction, remodeling or replacement projects, as well as historical restorations.

  • INSIDE GLAZED Simplified serviceability.
  • Glass and bead can be replaced from inside the building.
  • 1” Laminated Insulating Glass in large missile only
  • Expands design and energy options.
  • Double Applied Muntins
  • Aesthetic option. Customize product to meet historical or building requirements.
  • Marine Glazing Bead Aesthetics
  • Resist fading or shrinking. High quality EPDM glazing gasket.
  • Extruded aluminum groove receives anchor plate or accessory options to ensure snug installation.